Best Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign

Learn How to Use Zodiac Crystals


Choosing the best crystals and stones that align with a zodiac sign is something that many believe can help them achieve goals and assist in growing and learning. Similar to choosing birthstones by month, with popular favorites like pearls for June and beryl’s aquamarine for March, this technique relies on your birthday in relation to your zodiac sign.

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Everything is Energy

While this connection might seem puzzling on the surface, it all boils down to energy. Samantha Fey, author, teacher and co-host of the podcast, Psychic Teachers, said, “Crystals have the piezoelectric effect, so they do generate energy. They grow with their own unique vibration and lattice structures.”

This phenomenon occurs when pressure is put on particular crystals, such as quartz, causing the atoms within the stone to move, subsequently turning mechanical energy into electrical energy. This is why crystals are used in watches, televisions and cell phones. It’s this inherent energy that resonates with astrological signs.

Connecting Zodiac Crystals & Sun Signs

Those who are familiar with astrology understand the correlation with the elements — fire, water, air, and earth — and how they offer a glimpse into personality characteristics. When working with crystals according to sun signs, it’s helpful to consider the elements and how they best fit with the particular stones.

Fey used an example of the sun sign Cancer, which is attributed to the moon and is a classic water sign. “They are very watery and ruled by their emotions. Look for crystals with those similar qualities,” she said, such as moonstone.

It’s also important to understand how a stone works with a particular sign in coordination with where we are physically, mentally, and spiritually. “Our energy fluctuates up and down all the time,” Fey said. Depending on what we need, crystals can amplify or balance our actions.

While there are classic combinations of crystals and Zodiac signs, such as obsidian with those under Scorpio, in reality, there are multiple crystals per sign. The choice depends on what you need to do or learn, and this list is a good start to finding a crystal that works for you.

Aries Sign

Notoriously stubborn, Aries people know what they want and are clear about who they are. Fittingly, amazonite is an ideal crystal for this sun sign as it enhances inner strength and the warrior attitude, particularly with women going through significant changes in their lives.

“It’s called the stone of hope and new beginnings,” said Fey, and is excellent for manifesting dreams and goals.

Deb Bowen, co-host on Psychic Teachers, as well as a metaphysical teacher and author, recommends Sardonyx because it is excellent in the realm of self-control and discipline.

“It’s really good for communicating relationships,” she noted because Aries can have sticking points in this area.

Taurus Sign

An earth sign, Taureans, are grounded people who are nurturing and comforting to those most important to them. Being a bull, they are known for their stubbornness and uncompromising nature.

The beautiful light blue to green, or sometimes white kyanite is good for Taureans because it helps clear and align the chakras, according to Bowen. It also builds stability and trust and is excellent for communication. Kyanite cannot hold negative energy.

Fey recommended, ”Carnelian is a great stone for bringing in creativity, positivity and joy. It’s the cheerleader of the stones and it keeps the other stones together.”

Gemini Sign

When a “twin” is around, there’s never a dull moment. Geminis are known to have lots of energy and are very talkative. They can also be indecisive and impulsive.

The green and smooth gem serpentine is a good fit for a Gemini. “It helps you to align your soul’s purpose,” explained Bowen as it enhances the heart chakra. She noted that it also offers protection against the dark arts.

Courtesy of Amy Grisak

Cancer Sign

Cancer is the classic mother of the Zodiac who is family-oriented, intuitive, and a tad moody. Not surprisingly, the “crab” is their sign.

Bowen said, “Sometimes cancer folks can get sad or depressed.” Because of this tendency, she said blue chalcedony is a good choice. “It helps cancer to communicate the truth. It also dispels negative energies and activates positive changes. It’s a great stone for those who seek general positive shifts in their lives.”


Leo Sign

Leo is known to love being the center of attention with their bigger-than-life energy. They’re also loyal, generous, and loving. The funny thing is, their negative traits simply seem to be their positive traits on overdrive.

Because of this desire to shine, citrine is the stone for Leos. ”Citrine is like your own personal sun,” said Fey. This yellow-to-orange type of quartz appears charged by the sun. Unfortunately, natural citrine is a rare stone and much of what we find is heat-treated amethyst (enhanced gemstones). It’s also well-known to manifest abundance, a natural quality of Leos, and is sometimes called the “stone of success” or the “merchant’s stone.”

Virgo Sign

Logical and energetic, Virgos thrive with well-organized and practical goals, while on the flip side, they tend to overthink situations and can often seem aloof and detached.

Resembling the blues and greens of the earth, the mineral chrysocolla is often found in copper deposits and referred to as the “Stone of the Goddess,” with famous figures, such as Cleopatra, valuing its beauty and energy.

Fey said chrysocolla is like a happy-go-lucky friend. “It’s a great stone for everything. It helps people face some hard truths,” she said. She also recommended that those working with this stone visualize their goals going into the stone.


Libra Sign

The scales represent Libra’s desire for fairness and balance, which is the center of this witty, smart and outgoing soul. With Venus as their ruling planet, they are all about love but will carry a grudge if slighted.

“Libras look at both sides differently, or rather it’s difficult to choose sides,” said Bowen, who is a Libra. She said bloodstone is good because it balances everything, including Libra’s energy. “It helps level folks be present in the here and now.”

Courtesy of Amy Grisak

Scorpio Sign

Scorpios get a bad rap as being secretive, defensive and vindictive, but their emotions run deep (even if they don’t show it), and they are passionate about whatever, and whoever, they love.

Malachite is the drill sergeant,” said Fey. “It’s the only stone that breaks to warn you when something wicked this way comes. It’s great for protection.” This rich green stone is also an important part of facing Scorpio’s shadow side. Fey said, “It’s like a friend that is in your face.”

Known as the stone of transition, Bowen said, “Charoite connects the heart and crown chakras.” It allows someone to focus on self-love when setting healthy boundaries.

Sagittarius Sign

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius people are gregarious and big dreamers but can be blunt and preachy.

Fey recommends labradorite that resembles the aurora borealis with its color-shifting nature where one moment it looks gray, the next is shimmering blues and greens. “It helps block the emotions and stuff around you that’s not yours. It’s more like a filter. It lets the good stuff come in and the bad stuff goes out,” she said.

Capricorn Sign

With Saturn as the taskmaster, Capricorns get things done. Although they are disciplined and responsible, this can shift into a level of condescension toward others.

Amethyst is the go-to for these hardworking signs. “It cleans, clears, and heals everything around it,” said Bowen. ”It’s a balancing, protective and loving stone. It’s a great stone to connect. It fights off temptation and works with decision-making. It’s good for sleeping and it protects them from nightmares.”

Once used by the Romans to fend off the evil eye, tiger’s eye is protective and balancing. Fey said, “It works with your energy to establish a foundation and recognize patterns of things that no longer serve you. She said to place tiger’s eye on the solar plexus during meditation for courage and confidence, as well as to shift toxic energy into positive ones.

Aquarius Sign

Quirky and unconventional, the highly social Aquarians champion humanitarian efforts and relish deep conversations. Yet, they are not known for being the most emotionally open individuals and might appear aloof.

“Aquarians are ahead of their time,” said Fey. “Dark, ruby red garnets help them recharge and revitalize their energy. Write down goals and dreams for the year and place garnets on top of the list.”

The ornamental chrysanthemum stone is typically all black except for a splash of white in the middle resembling a flower. Bowen recommended it for Aquarians because ”it brings to us child-like energy and being able to live in the moment.”

Getty Images / Cavan Images

Pisces Sign

The astrological fish who swim in deep waters are philosophical, intuitive and creative, yet at times, spend too much time in their own heads.

To counteract this latter tendency, aquamarine, which is often called the “stone of courage” boosts confidence for the Pisces people. Bowen said, “It’s such a beautiful stone. It helps one to always be prepared.” Legend says aquamarine was spilled from a mermaid’s treasure chest and it was supposedly blessed by Neptune.

Fey recommended fluorite to clear negative energy. Called the student’s stone, she said, “It’s created for cleansing the aura. It eliminates negative patterns and helps you to see your path more clearly,” said Fey. She also mentioned it is effective in blocking electromagnetic fields and is often kept near the computer to minimize exposure.

Picking the right stone for you is a matter of listening to the universe. “It’s really important when you buy sun sign crystals that the stone speaks deep, deep into your soul,” said Bowen.

“It’s great to read and study, but at the end of the day, you have to go with the crystal that resonates with you,” noted Fey. “Walk into a store that sells stones and see what you’re drawn to. Find your buddy and stick with it for a while.”

*The metaphysical properties discussed in this article are not intended as a substitute for traditional medical treatment. If you have a health issue, please seek a licensed medical professional. The crystals and stones discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions.

This story about zodiac crystals previously appeared in Rock & Gem magazine. Click here to subscribe. Story by Amy Grisak.


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