Tapping Into Powerful Precision With Hi-Tech Diamond

Hi-Tech Diamond slab saw
For 35 years, Hi-Tech Diamond has manufactured quality trim saw and flat lap machines. This is Hi-Tech Diamond’s water-cooled 10” Slab Saw.

By Antoinette Rahn

Hi-Tech Diamond® is about transformation. The transformation of rough material, be it rock, glass, or synthetic products into polished pieces. Whether it’s cutting, grinding, carving or polishing Hi-Tech Diamond, one of four product lines within the Reentel Inc. family, has the equipment for the job.

Transformation is also at the forefront of what Illinois-based glassmaker AJ Manager accomplishes through his murrine glass artwork. His method involves cutting toothpick-sized pieces of glass, approximately 5” long, called stringers. The stringers are placed in a tube with an image at the bottom and the glass is stacked to create the photo. Learn how the Hi-Tech Diamond 10″ Slab Saw enhances AJ’s creation of murrine glass artwork….

R&G: How long have you been using the 10” Slab Saw by Hi-Tech Diamond and what influenced your decision to purchase?

Murrine glass artwork
Various examples of AJ Manger’s murrine glass artwork, featuring notable faces in entertainment.

AJ Manger: I used the slab saw for 3-1/2 years. Then I realized I needed a bigger saw to cut larger material. That’s when I purchased the 10” saw. This was the best purchase for the cost by far.

R&G: What are two surprising benefits you’ve discovered while using this equipment?

AM: First was how powerful this saw is! In addition to borosilicate glass, I’ve cut petrified wood, geodes, and agate with ease. Second, the slab saw is big enough to tackle any glass job I’ve tackled, and as I said, as well as jobs with rocks and gems.

R&G: What three important skills/approaches to your work have you learned from using the Hi-Tech Diamond 10-inch Slab Saw?

AM: The slab saw is stationary, while some saws have moveable trays, and I prefer the stationary blade. That way, I’m in control of what gets cut. In addition, the size of blades the slab saw uses is 10” and is great for going bigger. The 6” trim saw worked great for the size of material I was working with, but having a bigger saw meant I could make bigger pieces! Finally, the slab saw is compact and lightweight and can be moved and cleaned easily. I have limited space to work, and its size makes it easy to use in confined areas.

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