Attracting Young Rockhounds With Tumble-Bee


By Antoinette Rahn

Whether you are a seasoned rockhound with at least a few decades of living under your belt, or a child just discovering the beauty and wonder of nature, pretty polished stones are often appreciated universally. That’s part of what attracted Kelly Hale to the hobby of rock collecting and polishing and ultimately led her to purchase a Tumble-Bee® TB-22 tumbler. Learn how Tumble-Bee, one of four product lines within the Reentel Inc. family, not only enhanced Kelly’s appreciation but also introduced her children to rock tumbling.

R&G: How long have you been using the TB-22 Rock Tumbler and what influenced your decision to purchase?

Polished stones
A promotional photo featuring stones polished using the Tumble-Bee unit.

Kelly Hale: I have been using the Tumble-Bee rock tumbler for two years now. Ease of use, advanced safety features, and the Tumble-Bee’s modernized look and design is what really attracted me to purchase this rock tumbler. They’re also very affordable and make great gifts for kids!

R&G: What are two surprising benefits you’ve discovered while using this item of equipment?

KH: With extensive use of the Tumble-Bee, I’m certainly pleased with the durability of this rock tumbler (I’ve used other brands that have broke mid tumbling). I’ve also found that the Tumble-Bee is very user-friendly. In fact, it’s so easy to use that even my kids are hooked and love using the machine.

R&G: What three important skills/approaches to your work have you learned from using the TB-22 Rock Tumbler by Tumble-Bee?

KH: This tumbler can polish more than just rocks. I’ve successfully polished glass, metals, and even jewelry with the Tumble-Bee. I also learned that Tumble-Bee’s 4-pound barrel runs on the same chassis as my model, allowing me to tumble double the amount of material at once.

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