7 Stones To Relieve Stress

Feeling Stressed? There May be a Stone for That!

Amethyst crystal

Stress is an ongoing problem for many people that can be difficult to solve. Enter seven stunning little stones that are said to possess healing abilities that may help diffuse anxiety by alleviating stress.

The Importance of Relieving Stress

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The tension and anxiety connected with daily life sometimes make stress unavoidable. Stress can severely impact your health and is sometimes to blame for various issues. Talk to any doctor and they’ll give you a rundown of the effects stress can have on your body, your mood and even your behavior. Headaches, muscle pain, fatigue, upset stomach and frequent insomnia can all be potentially caused by tension. Anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed, frequent irritability and lack of motivation can also be a result of stress.

“Feeling weighed down by stress can impact your health and well-being,” said Kyla Miller, an experienced spiritual practitioner who uses her vast knowledge in the many aspects of metaphysical practice to help clients in the privacy of her Los Angeles home. “It can also have a negative impact on your loved ones, coworkers and others regularly around you. Quelling the negative emotions that cause stress can increase your pleasure in life and enhance your personal connections.”

How Metaphysics Can Help

If you’re open to alternative healing techniques, using stones to relieve stress may be an effective, complementary way to deal with unhealthy tension. However, you should always consult a licensed healthcare provider if you’re experiencing any type of medical or mental condition.

“I’ve been a firm believer in the healing properties and energies of rocks, minerals and crystals for decades, as well as, the energy centers of the body called chakras,” said Miller. “Recently, I’ve seen a resurgence in the popularity of healing crystals and stones as more people explore alternative therapies.”

Miller explains that there’s an entire category of crystals and stones that ease anxiety and stress. She says the most effective ways to use them are by displaying them in your home or workplace, wearing them as jewelry, carrying them in your pocket, using them as palm stones and/or incorporating them into your meditation practice.

“Stress is an inevitable, even normal, part of life, but if you don’t get a grip on your stress, it can seriously ruin your entire vibe. Healing crystals are a natural tool for relieving your anxiety and curbing your stress,” she said. “I’ve even had clients who said certain stones have helped with their panic attacks. Your body, mind and emotions are all energy fields and stress disturbs those energy fields.”

While there are many stones noted for their calming effects, the following seven are popular options. However, when you find the stone that’s right for you, many experts agree that you’ll just feel it.


One stone that appears on almost every list for relieving stress is amethyst. It’s considered a favorite stone for many reasons. This purple, semiprecious stone is a variety of quartz that can range in color from pale pink to violet to deep purple. It’s said to facilitate calmness and tranquility while releasing negative energy, irritability and stress.

“Amethyst is such a beautiful stone, so it can pull double duty when worn as jewelry,” said Miller. “A lovely amethyst pendant worn against your skin can bring calming peace throughout your day while also looking nice with nearly any outfit.”

Other recommended ways to use amethyst include displaying it in your home as part of your décor to create a peaceful ambiance. You can hold amethyst palm stones during meditation and while practicing breathing techniques. Placing heart-shaped amethysts on your heart chakra is said to increase relaxation.

Rose quartz is a lovely shade of pale pink and balances emotions.

Rose Quartz

A pale pink form of quartz, rose quartz is often touted for deepening the bonds of love. However, it’s also commonly suggested for balancing your emotions during stressful times to help with emotional healing and the release of stress.

“Rose quartz is also known as the Heart Stone,” Miller said. “Therefore, a good way to use it is by displaying heart-shaped rose quartz in your home, especially your bedroom, to create a tranquil ambiance that not only helps reduce stress but also radiates pure love.”

You can also wear rose quartz in a necklace or bracelet to exude gentle feminine energy. It’s also a popular option for Feng Shui in your office or used as a palm stone during meditation and relaxation.

Hematite is commonly used in jewelry to absorb negative energy and stay grounded.


While technically a relatively soft iron oxide mineral, many people refer to hematite as a stone or crystal. It has a metallic luster that typically ranges from black to silver, but there are also reddish-brown varieties. Darker-colored hematite is said to absorb negative energy and help people see the positive side of situations, which can help ease stress.

“Hematite absorbs toxic emotions,” said Miller. “It’s also great at keeping you grounded, which is essential during stressful times. Wearing black hematite jewelry is a great way to stay grounded throughout your day and add a touch of class to anything you wear.”

Hematite rings are commonly sought as an adornment to provide calming energy, but take care as some versions have been known to shatter easily. Another popular option is keeping a piece of tumbled hematite in your pocket to help you remain focused and stress-free.

Ocean Jasper

Also known as sea jasper and Atlantis stone, ocean jasper is defined by the circular patterns within the stone. These orbs can present in a multitude of colors, including various shades of yellow, orange, green, blue, gray, brown, black, white, pink and red. Ocean Jasper is touted for its ability to release negativity and stress and help you feel more optimistic.

“These are lovely stones to wear and often have very unusual patterns,” Miller said. “Because they give off such a positive vibe, they’re a great stone to wear to work and social gatherings to encourage positivity among others.”

Ocean jasper is a popular option to place in your workplace, especially if it’s become a tension-filled environment. Having a piece present can also encourage cooperation and better relationships. Tucking a piece under your pillow at night may help ward off insomnia.

Lepidolite naturally contains lithium and is highly effective at relieving stress.


Lepidolite is a mica mineral that’s rich in lithium and typically pink, gray or lilac. Because it naturally contains lithium, lepidolite is said to be one of the most effective stones for relieving stress. It’s also noted for promoting serenity, balance and emotional healing.

“When you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed, lepidolite can help you regain your emotional balance,” said Miller. “Balance is important in reducing stress, so place a piece of raw lepidolite on your heart chakra area to help restore your emotional balance.”

Placing a tumbled lepidolite stone in your pocket is a common suggestion to keep its energy close to you all day. However, some suggest wearing a lepidolite bracelet or other piece of jewelry that touches your skin to ensure the healing vibrations more easily soak in without any obstructions.

Blue lace agate is usually a gentle light blue that’s visually soothing.

Blue Lace Agate

Some people find the gentle, light blue hue of blue lace agate to be visually soothing, which can provide immediate tension relief. The stone is also said to neutralize anger, calm the mind and bring inner peace.

“Blue lace agate is especially helpful when situations are highly stressful and communication is lacking,” Miller said. “Display a piece in your office to help everyone communicate without misunderstandings or tension.”

It’s also recommended to display tumbled or raw blue lace agate in your bedroom to provide gentle energy while you sleep. You’ll find beautiful pieces of blue lace agate jewelry to wear or keep a piece in your pocket to help relieve all types of anxieties.

The calming effects of sodalite make it great for Feng Shui.


Sodalite is often a rich royal blue mixed with white calcite for a unique speckled pattern in each semi-precious stone. Besides reducing stress and anxiety, sodalite is said to stimulate self-confidence and prevent you from becoming overly emotional.

“This is one of the most powerful crystals for ridding your body of toxic vibes and it promotes positive thinking,” said Miller. “It’s great for calming the mind and may be used as a palm stone to ease panic attacks.”

The calming effect of sodalite makes it a good Feng Shui option around your home but it can also be placed beneath your pillow to help with insomnia. It’s also suggested to carry tumbled sodalite in your pocket or wear it in a piece of jewelry to make the most of the stone’s healing nature.

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