Friday, March 22, 2019
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Rockin’ Rewind Wednesday: Eye on Amethyst

By Antoinette Rahn Did you know the term amethyst, which is the birthstone associated with the month of February, comes from the Greek word "a-methystos,"...

Artisan Alley: Collaboration as a Dance

By Antoinette Rahn and Erin Dana Balzrette “Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery.” ~Martha Graham Creative collaborations are a bit like a dance. As one party takes...

Birthstones: Stick with the Standards Or Choose Your Own

Story by Kenneth H. Rohn For as long as humans have been fascinated with precious gems, they have assigned special significance to them. The 12...
Quartz var. amethyst, Piedra Parada

De Colores: Las Vigas Veracruz and Amatitlan

Editor's Note: This is one of 10 Mexican locales recognized for mineral production. View the rest of the list as part of an article...