Crystals for Love

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Crystals for love are fun whether you’re celebrating one of the recognized love holidays or taking time to unofficially honor someone you love, stones can play a powerful role in expressing your feelings.

Unlike the perishable gifts of candy or flowers, crystals for love can include a stone set in a pendant or ring and given as a gift is a lasting symbol of love for those who are special in our lives. The right stone used in the right way can, however, be more than a symbol. It can be used to enhance, support, repair and even create those loving relationships. Regardless of the goal, it’s important to select the right stone for the right occasion and the right person.

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Who Gets Which Stone?

It’s Mother’s Day. You’ve found a couple of beautiful pendants you think she would like. One has a beautiful moldavite stone in the center. The other pendant features a morganite stone. Both stones are beautiful and both support love. How do you decide which one to buy? It depends on your relationship and your intent. The moldavite stone activates the base chakra and can increase fertility. The morganite stone opens the heart chakra, encourages loving thoughts, deepens a loving relationship, and calms a stress-filled life. Either might be appropriate depending on your relationship.

A Mother’s Day stone for a life partner will likely be romantic. A Mother’s Day stone for your mom on the other hand will be neither of those things. Who you love and how you love them will help determine the correct stone.

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Picking the Perfect Stone

Relationships are complicated and nuanced. The first step in narrowing down your search for the perfect stone is to understand there are many variables involved in determining which stone is the perfect one.

Take a moment to consider the dynamics of your relationship. Is it romantic or platonic? Is the intended recipient a relative such as parent, sibling, aunt or uncle? Maybe there is a woman who has been like a mother to you. Is there a relationship in need of healing or change? Are you in love with someone in an unhealthy way and want to break the pattern? Do you want to take better care of yourself and show some self-love?

It’s important to remember these categories can overlap. Your relationship with someone may fall into one or more of those categories or it may be something else entirely. It’s also important to remember that one stone can have many different functions. Rose quartz, for example, can bring or enrich unconditional love. It can also help teach us about love, attract a loving relationship, restore trust and harmony in a current relationship or enhance self-love.

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A Stone’s Elemental Nature & Chakras

How a stone works depends on many factors, including the nature of the stone, your intention, and how the stone is used. Every stone has electromagnetic energy that relates to the systems of the body, the chakra(s) related to that system and one or more of the elemental categories.

Chakras are energy centers in the body. According to yoga philosophy, there are over 88,000 chakra points in the body, seven of which are considered major or primary. Those seven major chakras are the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root. While not considered one of the seven main chakras, the soul star chakra is an important one in relationships. The five fundamental elemental categories are earth, fire, water, wind and storm. Each of the elements relates to one of the five systems of the body—physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. Each element also relates to one or more of the seven primary chakras.

Opal ring; Blue sapphire pendant
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Crystals for Love: Using the Stone

If you and your partner are seeking to increase the passion in your relationship, a water element stone that resonates with the heart chakra such as morganite, opal or rose quartz might be a good choice. A pendant or pin that places the stone near the heart chakra will boost its effectiveness. In addition to jewelry or for those who don’t wear jewelry, you can place the stone in the feng shui love & marriage quadrant (right back corner) of your home. If the goal is to increase fertility, then the stone is best worn in a belt or near the sacral and root chakras. A stone worn high near the throat chakra will help the wearer to verbally express love. Holding the stone during meditation helps in nearly every situation.

Opal stone necklace
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Crystals for Love: Selecting a Stone

Regardless of how you intend to use it, only use stones you feel drawn to. Hold the stone in your hands and quietly state your intentions. If you feel it brings up negative emotions or energy, put it back. It’s not the right one. Stones hold energy, so be sure to always clean and recharge it before use.

Crystals for love can be used as a gift for a mom in your life. The mom might be your biological mother, a mother figure in your life, your life partner or it might be you. If the gift is for your mom, a pink carnelian stone supporting the relationship between a parent and child is a good choice. If the mom is your life partner, consider a blue sapphire. The sapphire supports sentimental ties and helps love last. If you’re a mom or know a mom who is feeling tired or stressed and pulled in too many directions, aquamarine can help reduce stress and quiet the mind. Do you want to change or enhance a long-term relationship? Stones related to the earth element can support those who want to make a major shift in the foundation of a relationship. The earth element is tied to the physical nature and foundations of our lives such as home, family structure, job and financial stability. The root and soul star chakras are the two chakras most closely aligned to the earth element. Red beryl, a stone that stimulates passion, is an earth element stone that will support changes to these foundations.

Not currently in a relationship? Placing a piece of rose quartz crystal near your bed or in the love and marriage corner of your house can bring love your way. Jewelry containing rhodochrosite or rose quartz stone also works well.

Don’t Forget Yourself

It is often difficult for people to accept or acknowledge they need to practice self-love. At some point, everyone needs a moment to step back and take time to rest and recharge. Aragonite is good for those who push themselves too hard. Lepidolite helps clear blockages in the heart, throat and crown chakras. It helps the wearer be authentic and free from the influence of others. It can be worn as a necklace or placed under the pillow to help with emotional healing during sleep. You can also place a small stone in a pocket or carry it as a talisman.

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