Issue Highlights: November 2019 Issue


Below is a snapshot of some of the topics and interests you can expect to see in the pages of the November 2019 issue of Rock & Gem. Plus, we’ve included some sample pages for you to enjoy.

• Covellite: A Rare and Mysterious Contributor to Advancement. By Mark Leatherman

The Ancient World of Beads (Part I): From Marine Shells to Millefori. By Steve Voynick

Club Corner: Inspiring Vistas and Adventures. By Antoinette Rahn

Special Section: Tools of the Trade

Early Mining in England’s Cornwall: A History of Hard Work and Innovation. By Bob Jones

Arizona’s Kartchner Caverns: Delights Found Deep Underground. By Bob Jones

Dinosaur Bone Agate: Uncommon Display of Agate Phenomenon in Miniature. By Joseph Dehmer

In addition, you’ll find the following regular R&G columns: Bench Tips with Bob Rush, Rock Science with Steve Voynick, What to Cut with Russ Kaniuth, On the Rocks with Bob Jones, Rock & Gem Kids with Jim Brace-Thompson, Community Outlook-Question of the Week, Picks & Pans, as well as an extensive Show Dates section, and the always popular Parting Shot.

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