Issue Highlights: January 2019


Below is a snapshot of some of the topics and interest you can expect to see in the pages of the January 2019 issue of Rock & Gem:

Stalactite Mineral Specimens: Odd, Uncommon and Beautiful. By Bob Jones

River Gold: Panning Along the Consumnes. By Marc Davis

• Rock & Gem Kids: Weird Words: Tafoni and Geology 101: Unconformity. By Jim-Brace Thompson

• Minerals and Metals of the Bible: Brimstone, Salt, Copper, and Clay. By Steve Voynick

• Eyes on Arizona – Quartzsite: The Hunt for Rocks and History. By Helen Serras-Herman

• Eyes on Arizona – Road Trip: Getting There Can Be Half the Fun. By Donna Albrecht

• Wulfenite: Arizona Style (Part II): Beautiful, Fragile and Colorful Crystals. By Bob Jones

• Columbia Basin Agates: Something New, Something Rare. By Jim Landon

In addition, you’ll find the following regular R&G columns: Bench Tips with Bob Rush, Rock Science with Steve Voynick, What to Cut with Russ Kaniuth, On the Rocks with Bob Jones, Earth Science News with Jim Brace-Thompson, an extensive Show Dates section, and Parting Shot.

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