What Are Lucky Stones?

Learn How to Use Stones To Attract Luck


What are lucky stones? The list of traditional good luck charms is as long and diverse as the list of people who carry them. Think rabbit’s feet, lucky pennies and horseshoes hanging above a door. The stories of people relying on good luck charms or talismans go back centuries, but you don’t need to look that far. There’s a tennis player with a lucky shirt, another with lucky shower sandals, and a basketball player with lucky shorts. Don’t have a good luck charm yet? No problem. If you like rocks, you’re in the right spot. Many are believed to bring good luck. What are lucky stones? Here’s a look at some of those good luck rocks and how to prepare and use them.

What is Luck?

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You’re invited to a party. There are a lot of people there you don’t know and you strike up a conversation with one of them. This person asks you about your work and you share with them the idea you have for the business you want to start. It turns out this random person is a wealthy random person; a wealthy person who is now interested in investing in your business. Is that luck?

Some would argue that luck has nothing to do with it. They argue the investor is interested because you have a good idea and know how to present it. Others will argue that it was lucky that you spoke with someone with money to invest. After all, you could have just as easily spoken with someone who wants to borrow money. It’s impossible to prove either viewpoint. For now, we are going to assume luck does exist but sometimes it might need a helping hand.

Different Stones for Different Kinds of Luck

Tumbled stones. Photo courtesy of Rochas Brasil Pedras Decorativas

Different types of stones are believed to bring luck in different areas of life. Perhaps you are seeking good luck in a financial venture. Maybe you’re planning a trip and want good luck with safe travel. Perhaps you’re starting a new relationship and you want to be lucky in love. Or maybe you’ve been lucky in love and now you want to start a family.

The type of luck you seek will dictate the stone best suited to assist you. There may also be times when using more than one type of stone will be beneficial and increase your chances.

First, let’s look at five stones believed to bring good luck. Then we’ll look at a few ways to use more than one type of rock so you can dial in the luck you seek.

1. Amazonite

Some refer to amazonite as the “gambler’s stone” because of a belief in the stone’s ability to bring good luck in games of chance or when starting a new venture.

2. Citrine

Known as a stone of abundance, manifestation, and good luck, citrine is believed to promote good fortune and prosperity. When used as an aid in manifesting your desires, it can help with your creativity, love life, vitality, or fertility.

3. Jade

In addition to attracting abundance and prosperity, jade is believed by some to help strengthen your health and increase longevity. Many view jade as one of the most powerful of all the good luck stones.

4. Tiger’s Eye

This stone is reputed to bring good luck in matters of wealth and money. Tiger’s eye is also viewed as a stone of protection.

5. Peridot

Many believe peridot will attract financial well-being and refer to it as the “money stone.”

Many other stones such as rose quartz, garnet, and labradorite are also believed to bring good luck. Which rock is best for you? Like many questions related to metaphysics, there isn’t a single correct answer. The best approach is to combine what you know about the qualities of a stone with your intuition and proceed from there.

Good luck stones can be worn as jewelry. Photo courtesy of Katerin Buinistky

Which Stone(s) to Use and How

Determining which stone is right in which circumstance requires looking at the full spectrum of the stones’ metaphysical properties. You may discover that rather than using one stone, it would be better to use two or more stones that have complementary properties.

For example, a tiger’s eye is used both for good luck and for protection. If you anticipate a situation involving a verbal conflict, you may want to pair a stone such as turquoise that improves communication with your lucky tiger’s eye. If you’re at the start of a new romantic relationship, you might want to pair rose quartz (for love) with jade or amazonite. If you’re already in a relationship and hope to add children, then a good luck stone coupled with a stone such as citrine that brings fertility might be in order.

When you are hoping to land a new client for your workplace, you might combine malachite’s strong financial connection with citrine’s luck in manifesting. Like most of the metaphysical aspects of stones, there is a wide variety of ways to use the stones, and no one is the right way.

The best way to use your lucky stone depends on the situation. Let’s look at rose quartz again. Rose quartz is believed to be connected to the heart chakra. If you seek luck in love, a pendant or pin containing rose quartz and jade worn near your heart chakra might work best for you. If you have a business, placing a jade or citrine stone in your cash drawer could help to boost your cash inflow.

Stones and Feng Shui

Stones often play a pivotal role in Feng Shui. In Feng Shui, certain areas of your home are believed to be energetically connected to specific areas in your life such as relationships, career, knowledge, and prosperity. Placing a good luck stone in one of these areas may help to improve that area of your life.

To locate where these areas are in your home, a Feng Shui practitioner uses a tool called a bagua. The Bagua is a kind of map that helps to pinpoint these energy centers in your home. Placing a good luck stone in the prosperity section may ofing about an influx in money. If there is trouble in your relationship, placing a good luck stone in that area may help improve the relationship.

It’s important to note that improving a situation may be, and often is, more complicated than simply placing a stone. If you’re looking to use Feng Shui to improve an aspect of your life, a Feng Shui practitioner can help you identify the best stones to use and where to place them.

Setting your intention. Photo Courtesy of Kira auf der Heide

How to Prepare the Stone for Use

Once you know which stone or stones you want to use, you need to clean and prepare them. Remember stones are believed to hold energy. Therefore, when you first get a stone it’s important to cleanse the stone to clear any old energy it may hold and start fresh.

Before you begin any cleansing technique, research the stones you are using. You must know how to properly handle the rocks to avoid damage. For example, using water to clean a friable rock may cause serious and irreparable damage. Instead of using water, this type of rock can be cleaned by putting it in the dry sea or rock salt—no water—for several hours. When you’re done, be sure to thoroughly remove all traces of the salt. A stone that is not friable can be rinsed under running water or immersed in saltwater.

Many people will also smudge their rocks. Smudging is the process of passing the stone through the light of a candle or smudge stick. Setting the stone in the moonlight, especially during a full moon, is another popular method of cleansing.

Some stones, like carnelian, can be used to cleanse other stones. You can place a piece of tumbled carnelian in with other tumbled stones or crystals. The natural vibration of the carnelian will work to cleanse and energize the other stones. NOTE -To avoid scratches and damage, this should only be done if all the stones are tumbled.

As you begin the cleansing process, you need to set your intention. When setting an intention, it’s important to be specific about what you want. Hold the rock in your hands and your mind hold the intention that all negativity be removed. Concentrate on how you want the rock to help you. You can say something like “It is my intention for this stone to hold only positive energy and to bring me financial abundance.” Intentions are personal, say words that resonate with you. Decide what feels and sounds right to you and go with it.

You never know, with the right stones and the right intentions, good luck may come your way!

This story about what are lucky stones appeared in Rock & Gem magazine. Click here to subscribe! Story by Kris McElhinney.


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