Issue Highlights: March 2021


Below is a snapshot of some of the topics and interests you can expect to see in the pages of the March 2021 issue of Rock & Gem. Plus, we’ve included some sample pages for you to enjoy.

THE ESSENCE OF IRIDESCENCE: Understanding the “Rainbow” In the Mineral World. By Steve Voynick.

EPIDOTE: A Beautiful Product of Metamorphism. By Bob Jones

GEM ARTISTS OF NORTH AMERICA: Celebrating a Quarter Century of Creativity & Camaraderie. By Helen Serras-Herman

EVOLUTION OF A THUNDEREGG HUNTING FAMILY: Spanish Stirrup Rock Shop — Finding Blessings In Rockhounding and Family. By Antoinette Rahn

HUNTING FOR THUNDEREGGS — Uncovering a “Ghost” Volcano’s Treasures. By Jim Landon

WULFENITE-MIMETITE: A Breathtaking Combination Found in Sonora, Mexico. By Bob Jones

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LOOKING BACK: Reader Recollection of Youthful Pegmatite Hunting. By Gary Handle

ROCK & GEM REVISITED — BRUNEAU-PATTERN JASPERS: Discoveries in Oregon, Idaho and Mexico. (March 2008 issue). By Eugene Mueller, founder and co-owner of The Gem Shop, Inc.

• GEOTOURISM: A Unique and Intriguing Approach to Exploring Our World. By Jim Brace-Thompson

In addition, you’ll find the following regular R&G columns: Bench Tips with Bob Rush, Rock Science with Steve Voynick, What to Cut with Russ Kaniuth, On the Rocks with Bob Jones, Rock & Gem Kids and Earth Science In the News with Jim Brace-Thompson, Sneak Peek: Opals, The Road Report with Helen Serras-Herman, Show Dates, and the always popular Parting Shot.


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