Parting Shot: Lake Superior Agate


This specimen of Lake Superior agate is a favorite of Lane Baguss. Baguss, the owner of LSAgates Photography, discovered the stone along the shore of the Mississippi River in Anoka, Minnesota.

Baguss was a child at the time of the discovery and chose to put the piece through the tumbler, and many years later photographed the specimen. The stone is about as large as an adult’s thumbnail, but as Baguss demonstrates with his photograph and explains, it is packed with incredible beauty.

“Coming in so many variations, I am always finding new specimens (of agate) to photograph,” Baguss said. “What is neat about this particular stone is at an early stage of this agate’s formation, membrane-like layers of mineral deposits came off the walls of the cavity, broke and were deposited in a colloidal silica solution exhibiting blue banding and yellow limonite.”