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According to a 2022 update by, there are nearly 400 million cats kept as pets around the world. At least one can be found in nearly 43 million American households and Millennials (1981-1996) lead the way (31%) in pet ownership, with half sharing their life with at least one feline family member. Why not get calming crystals for cats to make sure our feline friends are calm and happy at all times?

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Our clever little companions are said to understand somewhere between 20 to as many as 50 of our words, as Tokyo University biologist Atsuo Saito has ascertained, including learning and recognizing their own names.

But without demonstrated cognition, we cannot presume cats specifically understand language as much as they connect tone and nuance. So could the use of crystals encourage a receptive environment and enhance the unspoken lines of healing and communication between pet and person? Lynn McKenzie of Sedona, Arizona, says yes. “You may be asking yourself, how could a lump of rock be of use in healing my cat? I wondered the same thing,” Lynn said before devoting a decade to studying crystal healing. “I truly thought this form of healing was a far stretch from reality. I have since had experiences that prove otherwise.”

Now with over 30 years of experience in the animal intuitive and energy healing fields, and having trained more than 100,000 students in over 50 countries through her own Animal Energy® Certification Training, Lynn’s latest (October 2022) book is Chakra Healing for Cats.

“Since felines possess a natural receptivity,” she says, “crystals work well to draw the precise energies they require to heal. The term ‘crystal’ refers to any precious gem, mineral, stone, fossil or resin that has a measurable charge and produces an electrical pulse. Crystals are energy amplifiers and transmitters and can be used to balance energies. They influence us and our feline companions because we both have electromagnetic fields.”

“Those energies mix with the animal’s energy field. For example,” she explains, “if a cat has suffered abuse, I would choose a crystal like rose quartz that energetically resonates with the qualities of healing, love, comfort, relaxation and trust. The cat most likely will not possess these traits now but, since they are the desired traits, our goal with the crystal is to have their energy field move into resonance with, or in the direction of, those traits.”

Cover of Lynn’s latest book, released October 22.

Tuning in to Your Cat Channel

Using crystal healing to create a more soothing environment for an emotionally stressed or frightened pet (crystals should never be seen as a replacement for veterinary examination and care) Lynn advises beginning with an understanding that each crystal has a specific vibrational frequency and amplitude that reverberates or resonates with, and attracts certain qualities or traits of your cat.

“Crystal healing is a non-invasive healing technique that works on all levels of consciousness: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. But before you begin using crystals with your cat, it is important to clear the energy of the crystal. This can be done by leaving it out in the sunlight or moonlight, with smoke from a smudge stick, or with your intention.” A crystal’s energy can be directed to general well-being or for a specific use, like asking it to help a particular cat with a particular situation or issue, by placing it in your hand and quietly speaking, or just thinking, the words of your intention.

“For example, hold a piece of blue lace agate, a ‘cooling’ stone, in your hand and ask it to help calm your cat’s excessive vocalization and demanding nature. Then place it in your cat’s environment and watch it work,” Lynn says. “It’s my preference, and probably your cat’s, especially when working with sensitive animals, that your crystal healing work be set up in such a way that your cat is allowed to come and go from the crystal energy, and it does not feel forced upon them.”

Calming Crystals for Cats

First, the don’ts of crystal healing: Always make sure the crystal(s) you are using is large enough not to be swallowed by any animal in your household and (again), crystal healing is not meant to replace veterinary care. Crystals to avoid, as they are toxic and cats should never be allowed to lick or mouth them, are bornite (‘Peacock Ore’), cinnabar (mercury sulfide), and malachite. With all nine of Kitty’s “lives” safe, here’s a purr-fect list of cat-friendly crystals and their benefits, beginning with her four “master healer” crystals — amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz and smoky quartz — that can be used for any and all conditions on the body.

Amber: Dispels negative energy. Detoxifying, purifying and protective. Good for digestive problems.

Amethyst: Soothes fears and stresses; calms anxious, crated or quarantined cats.

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Aventurine: Heals emotional scars and promotes confidence.

Blue Lace Agate: Anti-inflammatory and cooling. Good for demanding, vocal or hungry cats.

Boji Stone: Tissue regeneration, strengthens the meridians, enhances partnership and cooperation. Can be used to help with training issues.

Carnelian: Builds confidence and concentration, and helps increase appetite. Strengthens the vital life force and increases the will to live.

AdobeStock / Minakryn Ruslan

Citrine: Good for emotional, and sensory overload. Boosts the immune system. Any of the yellow stones can be used for issues of the bladder, urinary tract, and kidneys.

Copper: As in humans, can be used for purification or arthritic conditions.

Covellite: Can be used for any serious illness requiring detoxification.

Fluorite: A fabulous gait balancer, and detoxifier that improves mental focus, and food assimilation.

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Hematite: Good for emotional boundaries, and issues related to the blood or bleeding.

Jet: A resin used as a protective talisman. Grounding is useful in breaking negative patterns.

Crystal Katzen

Lynn is purr-fectly clear about how easy it is to wear crystals and introduce their beneficial energy to your cat. She is wearing an Atlantean Crystal set in a sterling silver ring, as she holds this orange tabby kitten. The clear quartz orb jewelry had been soaked in energetically high-frequency waters in the Bahamas near where underwater pyramids were discovered in the 1970s. “This was a barn kitty I met while having horse pictures done by my photographer friend Kimberley Spencer. It wasn’t too used to being handled so the photo in itself is a little miracle!”

Disclaimer: The metaphysical properties discussed in this article are not intended as a substitute for traditional veterinary treatment. If your cat has a health issue, please seek a licensed veterinary professional. The crystals and stones discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions.

Lapis Lazuli: Can be used for respiratory issues, detoxifying, enhancing energy flow, and boosting energy.

Moonstone: Calming, for female-related, procreation issues in your feline.

Rose Quartz: A crystal of joy and unconditional love. Good for abused, abandoned, neglected animals or cats that have to put up with something they’d rather not.

Selenite: Clears energy blocks; promotes peace and calm, one of the best for any type of cancer.

Smoky Quartz: Grounds, calms, and releases stress and nervousness.

Turquoise: Healer stone for protection, tissue regeneration, or as a systemic tonic.

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Hello Crystal, Meet Cat

Okay, you’ve chosen your cat’s crystals. Now what? Relax, this isn’t like that first time you tried to pill them (we know, they probably still don’t forgive you). “When using crystal therapy with cats it’s important to be centered, balanced, and grounded, and to have a clear intention for the outcome you desire. Negative thoughts, fears and imbalances may be transmitted to your cat via the crystal’s conducive energy,” the animal communicator (and cat owner) says, offering several reassuring options for introducing crystal work and decreasing/ increasing energy. You can begin by protecting your cat’s space with four crystal points placed in each corner of their cat bed or favorite room, with the intention that they are there for protection.

Clear quartz is commonly used. You can also create a crystal layout around a stationary animal, or in a favorite sunning spot where your cat naps. Try affixing a crystal pendant to its collar (if they wear one) or zip a crystal inside the upholstery of their favorite bedding or chair. You can also wear the crystal yourself as jewelry when around your cat. Put the crystal in the water bowl (again making sure no animal in the house can swallow it), to infuse the water and thus your cat, with its properties. Or give your cat a gentle massage using a crystal wand or smooth, tumbled stone.

Lynn McKenzie with an orange tabby kitten friend.
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Feline Fine-Tuning

Crystals can be used intentionally to send a particular healing frequency or to add or remove energy from a cat or kitten. “A crystal can be programmed for a specific use simply by placing it in your hand and then, while in a healing state yourself, assign it a particular job or task; ask it to help a particular animal and issue,” Lynn says, outlining how it is beneficial to add energy to a weak cat or a kitten that is failing to thrive but, in the case of an animal with a lot of heat and inflammation present, like an elderly or arthritic cat, removing energy serves better.

To send energy into an area, hold a clear quartz crystal, pointed on one end, six inches to 12 inches from your cat with the tip pointing toward the problem area. Circle clockwise as you move the crystal closer and closer to the area you are treating while intending to add energy and vitality. To remove energy, hold a clear quartz crystal, pointed on one end, about an inch from your cat with the tip pointing away from the problem area. Circle counter-clockwise as you withdraw the crystal from the area you are treating while intending to remove energy and inflammation.

You can place the pointed end of a crystal on each side of a problem area and ask the crystals to increase the energy in an area or to clear an energy blockage, she advises, but with a caveat: “Don’t try this only if your cat ate a piece of her toy. It’s mainly suggested for energy blockages.” Unlike horses or dogs, that tend to avoid electromagnetic or geopathic stress, Lynn says cats operate a little… differently. “Cats gravitate toward energy and, in doing so, become ‘sponges,’ absorbing energies that don’t serve us.

In return for soaking up energy that’s not serving you, do your cat the honor of grounding them afterward, keeping them clear, and releasing any non-beneficial energy they absorbed. I love the give-and-take of this interaction. After all, we’re on this journey together.” When it comes to crystals, curiosity, in cats or owners, isn’t such a bad thing. “As an animal communicator and healer, I feel it’s an absolute necessity to have these tools on hand at all times,” Lynn concludes. “It may seem unbelievable that crystals can have healing effects, but the best way to see what they can do is to give them a try with your cat and see what happens!”

This story about calming crystals for cats previously appeared in Rock & Gem magazine. Click here to subscribe! Story by L.A. Sokolowski.


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