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Flat Lapping Basics

Jim Landon photos (Click to enlarge)

Jim Landon photos (Click to enlarge)

by Jim Landon

Many rock clubs have individual members who have become the repository for a wealth of “how-to-do” information that has been passed down from generation to generation. The Yakima (Washington) Rock & Mineral Club, which has been active for many years, has been fortunate to have a number of very creative people who have mastered lapidary techniques and been generous in passing on their craft to other members of the club. One such person is retired history teacher Mike Hahn, who has honed his skills at working with gemstones to a high degree.

I consider Mike to be a master at cabochon cutting and flat lapping. Examples of his craft have been published in both Rock & Gem magazine and Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Each spring, he provides many finely crafted Brazilian agates that are used as grand prizes for our “wheel of fortune” and for the Disabled Veterans booth that he runs during our April show. The quality of his work is so good that everything he produces quickly sells out, and the kids who win the grand prizes he makes are always thrilled.

Over the years, Mike has generously passed on tips he has learned from years of trial and error. He has done numerous demonstrations at club shows for the general public, at the Central Washington State Fair, and at monthly club meetings. Many people have benefited from his teaching by improving their skills at cutting and polishing beautiful specimens of agate and jasper. Over the years, Mike has developed a sequence of steps he uses to prepare his equipment for a lapping run.

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