Monday, March 18, 2019
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Earth Science In the News: Much to Learn From Landslides, Asteroids

By Jim Brace-Thompson Mitigating Effects of Earthquake Generated Landslides A September 2018 magnitude 6.7 earthquake caused considerable damage by unleashing landslides across broad areas of Hokkaido,...

Rockin’ Rewind Wednesday: 300 Days of Volcanic Activity

By Antoinette Rahn Mauna Loa volcano is impressive on many levels. Not only does it occupy significant space geographically, but, its presence within the history...

Earth Science In the News: Anak Krakatau, Asteroids, Mammalian Cousin

By Jim Brace-Thompson Disaster Rocks Indonesia Yet Again I reported on Indonesia many times in 2018. Still, Earth processes around the “Ring of Fire” show no...
Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley

Earth Science In the News: Paradise Valley, Pompeii, and Prehistoric Teeth

By Jim Brace-Thompson Paradise Valley to Remain a Paradise for Now Despite the Gold There’s gold in ‘them-thar hills,’ the hills in question being 30,000 acres...
Kilauea volcano, Hawaii

Earth Science in the News: Hawaiian volcano and Dust on Mars

By Jim Brace-Thompson Although news reports out of Hawaii have grown sparse, Kilauea has been declared one of the biggest eruptions in modern history. Kilauea has...