Friday, April 19, 2019
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Earth Science In The News: Sea Monsters, Missing Inlet, Icy Jupiter

By Jim Brace-Thompson Sea Monsters of the Early South Atlantic Revealed to the Public When the Age of Dinosaurs began about 250 million years ago, much...
Coverage of earth's core

Earth Science in the News: Rethinking Earth’s Core

By Jim Brace-Thompson Earth has often been compared to a many-layered onion. There’s a solid and brittle crust, a squishy mantle, a fluid outer core,...
Heavenly Wind

Earth Science in the News: Fireballs and fossils

By Jim Brace-Thompson Fireball from Space Lights up Turkeytown An asteroid estimated to be 6 feet in diameter created a fireball 40 times brighter than a...
Carcharocles angustidens Teeth

Earth Science in the News: Deadly Shark Teeth Surface

Editor's Note: Enjoy this new feature of Rock & Gem online containing news briefs of interest. By Jim Brace-Thompson Per The New York Times, a casual...