Friday, April 19, 2019
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Mobile classroom

Sharing a Passion for Rockhounding (Part 1)

By John Speck In a moment of sudden clarity, I came upon the solution that I had been seeking for several months. Isn’t that how...
Pat McMahan and customer at Quartzsite

Rockhounding Road Trip: Field Report From Quartzsite

Editor's Note: This blog features insights about the rockhounding travels of Thomas Farley, as he gathers materials for a book about rockhounding in the...
Fractures to be sealed

Bench Tips: Fractures, Cracks and Crazing

By Bob Rush Ugh! We all have those moments when we see a fracture right in the center of the best pattern in the slab....

Just Off the Wheels: Julie Poe

By Erin Dana Balzrette A fellow Texan and wonderful lapidary artist, Julie Poe's work is an eclectic mix of artistry. Using different textures, and unique...

What to Cut: Kokoweef Cave Onyx

By Russ Kaniuth Kokoweef Cave Onyx, also known as “cave popcorn”, is a stalactite found in the Kokoweef cavern in Southern California. It can be...