Friday, March 22, 2019
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Rockin’ Rewind Wednesday: Mapping a Legacy

By Antoinette Rahn On this day (Jan. 30), 197 years ago, an Austrian couple welcomed a son, Franz von Hauer, to the world. I’m guessing like...
Siccar Point_Devonian Period

Rock & Gem Kids: Geology 101 – Unconformity

By Jim Brace-Thompson Sediments build up in layers, giving us a geological record. An unconformity records a gap in that record. For instance, there may...
Serpentinite bluffs

Fun Facts Saturday: Geology and the Golden Gate Bridge

Editor's Note: This is a new column wherein we explore a history-making moment and its connection to geology. By Antoinette Rahn Eighty-six years ago today (Jan....

Friday Find: Moroccan Quartz

By Antoinette Rahn The past few days I've come across a number of reports about minerals mined in locales throughout Morocco. This brought to mind...