Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Specimen with secondary coating of druze quartz

Manakarra Grape Agate: New Botryoidal Material

Story by Jim Landon In 2016, I started to see Facebook posts of two unique materials that were coming out of Indonesia. One was really...
Landsat Lena River image

Earth Science in the News: River View, Reconsidering Geologic Age

By Jim Brace-Thompson River Run The rivers coursing over the face of our planet Earth have long been known to be important interfaces for chemical exchanges...

#1: Rock & Gem Top 10

Indonesian Botryoidal Druzy Agate cab This draws to a conclusion our countdown of the Top 10 images to grace the pages of Rock & Gem...

What to Cut: Indonesian Stick Agate

By Russ Kaniuth For the last couple years, many different types of stones have been coming out of Indonesia that have made quite an impact...