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Spessartine specimen

Garnet: An Industrial Commodity

By Steve Voynick Garnet mining is booming and not because of demand for gemstones or mineral specimens. Garnet has become a bona fide industrial commodity...

Gemstones of the Bible: Anthrax, Sappheiros, Iaspis

Editor's Note: This is one aspect of the article "Gemstones of the Breastplate," Enjoy the introduction >>>. Plus, search our site for additional "Gemstones of the...

Issue Highlights: February 2019

Below is a snapshot of some of the topics and interests you can expect to see in the pages of the February 2019 issue...

Birthstones: Stick with the Standards Or Choose Your Own

Story by Kenneth H. Rohn For as long as humans have been fascinated with precious gems, they have assigned special significance to them. The 12...
The Dome of Topaz Mountain

Topaz Mountain Rockhounding Adventure

Story and Photos by Mark Leatherman The last time I had gone on a true mineral-hunting “vacation” was way back in 2005, when I went...

Rock & Gem Kids: Idaho’s State Rockhound Symbols

By Jim Brace-Thompson Idaho’s nickname is “The Gem State” for its abundance of mineral wealth and scenic beauty, and in 1967 it designated a truly...