Friday, March 22, 2019
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Bench Tips: Working With Ethiopian Opal

By Bob Rush In the past few years, Ethiopian Opal has become one of the most available and worked types of opal. It has brilliant...
Grinding the rays on a cabochon

Bench Tips: Working Cabs from the Back (Part II)

By Bob Rush In Part I of this column, I described making a cabochon in which I carved circular depressions into the back. I used...
Front of a cab

Bench Tips: Working Cabs from the Back (Part III)

By Bob Rush After I showed my wife the first cab I completed in which I added details to the back, she asked when I...
Fire agate flower

Bench Tips: Carving a Stone Flower

By Bob Rush I like to browse through books on antique jewelry to get ideas for things I would like to make from lapidary materials...
Botryoidal surface of crystal

Bench Tips: Working with Synthetic Quartz

By Bob Rush For many years, I have worked with synthetic quartz, mostly utilizing it for the top layer in a triplet cabochon, but also...
Edge conforming

Bench Tips: A Fanciful Project

By Bob Rush Sometimes, when I am sorting through my slabs and trim saw cutoffs, I come across a particular piece that I know I...
Grinding the outer diameter

Bench Tips: Mounting a Turkish Stick Agate Cab Part II

By Bob Rush In a previous article I discussed how to select, orient and cut a cab out of Black Turkish Stick Agate. In this...
Final placement of Scorpion Silica crystal pendant

“Scorpion” Silica Crystal Pendant

By Bob Rush, Bench Tips column When I was at the 2018 Rose­ville Rock Rollers annual show in Roseville, California, I met up with Mike...

Black Rock Desert Geode Cab

By Bob Rush • Bench Tips column A few weeks ago, when I was cutting slabs off the face of a Black Rock Desert geode,...