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molybdenum and lead mineral

Rock Science: Wulfenite, Molybdenite & Molybdenum

By Steve Voynick Of the 42 minerals that contain molybdenum as an essential element, most collectors are familiar only with wulfenite and molybdenite. Wulfenite (lead...
Racracancha Cerro

Rock & Gem Kids: Manganoan Calcite

By Jim Brace-Thompson Calcite comes in a remarkable variety of shapes and colors. One beautiful variety that is highly sought by collectors is manganoan calcite....

Rock & Gem Kids: Idaho’s State Rockhound Symbols

By Jim Brace-Thompson Idaho’s nickname is “The Gem State” for its abundance of mineral wealth and scenic beauty, and in 1967 it designated a truly...
Three-foot dino tracks

Dinosaur Ichnology: The Study of Tracks Comes of Age

Story and Photos by Steve Voynick As late as the 1970s, most paleontologists agreed that dinosaur tracks, while certainly interesting, had only minimal scientific value....
Mint green apophyllite

Specimen Spotlight: Apophyllite

By Antoinette Rahn As is often the case within the mineralogical universe, there is a lot of meaning related to names and naming conventions. It...
Drawing of Zuul cruvivastator

Zuul Crurivastator Calls Ontario Home

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is preparing to unveil the newest addition to its collection of fossils: the recently named ankylosaur, Zuul crurivastator. The 75 million-year-old dinosaur specimen,...

Issue Highlights: November 2018

The latest issue of Rock & Gem is off to the printer. The November issue serves as a fine example of the sheer breadth...