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Large Apache tear in perlite matrix

Obsessed with Obsidian: A Mineraloid with an Edge

Story and Photos by Steve Voynick When the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortéz confronted the Aztecs in 1519 in what is now Mexico, horses, steel swords,...

Summer Rockhounding: Find Metamorphic Minerals along Utah’s Skyline Drive

Story and Photos by Alice Sikorski When the summer heat sets in and you want to go rockhounding, what’s a person to do? In the...
Royal Imperial Jasper1

What to Cut: Royal Imperial Jasper

By Russ Kaniuth Royal Imperial jasper is one of several types of Imperial jaspers that come from the Guadalajara region of Mexico. There are pink,...
Sulfur in sedimentary rocks

Rock Science: The Saga of Sulfur

By Steve Voynick With their nearly transparent, sharp-edged, bipyramidal and tabular crystals, fine specimens of sulfur are eminently collectible. But it is sulfur’s color—a pure...
Ichthyosaur Skull

Rock & Gem Kids: Female Fossilist Mary Anning

By Rock & Gem Staff She didn’t have much education, but she made major contributions to the science of paleontology through the fossil discoveries she made....
Copper oxide zoned quartz and schist

Seeing Peak Production At a Steep Price

Editor's Note: This is the conclusion of a two-part series about the Bristol Mine in Bristol, Connecticut. Enjoy the first article in this series>>> Story...