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What to Cut: Sycamore Petrified Wood

By Russ Kaniuth Many types of petrified wood are used in lapidary work. Many are opalized and riddled with fractures, making them very difficult to...
Quartz covered in chlorite balls

The Hemlock Claims: Sources Rich in History and Unique Specimens

by Stuart “Tate” Wilson Deep in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state and up the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River reside the richest crystallized mineral deposits...
Blue aquamarine beryl

Rock Science: The Colors of Beryl

By Steve Voynick The gemstones emerald, aquamarine, morganite and heliodor, despite their different, respective green, blue, pink and golden-yellow colors, have one thing in common:...
Mount small cab with epoxy

Bench Tips: Druzy dendritic cab with inlay

By Bob Rush Recently, when I was slabbing a large Brazilian agate nodule, looking for some milky chalcedony within it, I chanced upon a druzy...

What to Cut: Indonesian Stick Agate

By Russ Kaniuth For the last couple years, many different types of stones have been coming out of Indonesia that have made quite an impact...