April 2014

Lake Superior agates are a large part of the displays at the Minnesota Agate and Geological Interpretive Center in Moose Lake. This beautifully banded specimen from a Minnesota gravel pit has a light-yellow limonite accent on the bottom. (Tom Shearer photo and specimen)







Minnesota Minerals and Agates
A Moose Lake museum highlights rare rocks
by Bill Vossler

Rare Silver Minerals
If you see ’em, grab ’em!
by Bob Jones

Diamond Odysseys
Replicas pair historic diamonds with their famous owners
by Historical Figures Foundation

Rock & Gem Kids
Articles and puzzles

Heavy Metal Elements
What does it take to make them?
by Bob Jones

Birthstones, Past and Present
Part II: April, May and June
by Kenneth H. Rohn


Field Notes
Reader Letters

Lapidary of the Month
Onyx cabochon
by Wayne Leibitzke

Show Dates
Mark Your Calendar!

Shop Talk
A Gripping Problem
by William A. Kappele

Rock Science
Barite and Barium
by Steve Voynick

What to Cut
Nova Scotia Agate
by Scott Empey

Picks & Pans
Museum exhibits, book reviews, hobby news

On the Rocks
The Metro Show
by Bob Jones

Parting Shot
Ortiz de Zárate

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