November 2013

ON THE COVER: This adamite gets its lovely green color from the presence of copper ions in its chemical composition. This 4.5-cm-high specimen is from the Ojuela mine at Mapimi (Durango), Mexico. (Jeff Scovil photo/Lauren Megaw collection)







Adamite: Mexico’s Golden Mineral
Mina Ojuela is a major source of specimens
by Bob Jones

North Carolina Mineral Museums
Rockhound attractions near Asheville
by Helen Serras-Herman

Rock & Gem Kids
Apatite, a mineral maze, and a quiz

Minerals That Fluoresce
Ultraviolet light makes them ultra-amazing!
by Bob Jones

Morocco’s Fossil Industry
Cut and polished Cephalopods are big business
by Bob Farrar


Montana’s Cretaceous Marine Fossils
Pierre Shale concretions conceal nice specimens
by Jim Landon


Gemstone Jewelry Box
A lapidary challenge with pleasing results
by Thomas Gangi


Picks & Pans
Museum exhibits, book reviews, hobby news

Lapidary of the Month
Straw-cast silver and opal pendant
by Derek Fassio

Show Dates
Mark your calendar!

Shop Talk
Beyond Belt Buckles
by William A. Kappele

Rock Science
Molybdenite, Molybdenum, and the Climax Mine
by Steve Voynick

What to Cut
Gem Dinosaur Bone
by Scott Empey

Many Facets
Ariel Cut - Neon Green Quartz
by Larry and Morgan Mattos

On the Rocks
Hall of Fame
by Bob Jones

Field Notes
Reader Letters

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