July 2013

California’s American River still has gold for the recreational miner to find, mostly in the form of flakes and fine gold. This 3.4-cm-high crystallized specimen came from the DeMaria mine in Placer County, on the river’s Middle Fork. (Jeff Scovil photo/Brett Keller collection)







Crazy Calcite
Crystal-forming confusion in calcium carbonate
by Bob Jones

Ruby-Red Cuprite
A gem of a copper oxide
by Bob Jones

Rock & Gem Kids
Sphalerite, New York rockhound symbols, and a quiz

Mycenean Gold
Metal masterpieces from ancient Greece
by Helen Serras-Herman

Advocating for Access
Public land closures and a plan for change
by Richard Pankey


Mineral Bar Gold
Panning and sluicing on California’s American River
by Marc Davis

Return to Utah
A second chance to gather calcite and goethite pseudomorphs
by William A. Kappele


Picks & Pans
Museum exhibits, book reviews, hobby news

Lapidary of the Month
Faux fossil
by Peter Jakubowski

Show Dates
Mark your calendar!

Shop Talk
Hold That Cab!
by William A. Kappele

Rock Science
The Alloys and Colors of Gold
by Steve Voynick

What to Cut
Nipomo Marcasite Agate
by Scott Empey

Many Facets
Tessellation 10 (E)
by Arya Akhavan

On the Rocks
Trophy Minerals
by Bob Jones

Field Notes
Reader Letters

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