September 2012

The minerals of Africa will be featured at the October 2012 Munich Show in Germany. Morocco, one of Africa’s great mineral provinces, has yielded amazing wulfenites. This 3.1cm-high specimen is from Mibladen. (Jeff Scovil photo/Spirifer collection)







Minerals of Africa
Part I: The Mines of Namibia and Central Africa
by Bob Jones

Rise of the Thunder Egg
Plentiful, Plain-Looking Nodules Gain Appreciation among Rockhounds
by Doug Moore

Color in Minerals
Part III: Color Center and Charge Transfer Minerals
by Bob Jones

Rock & Gem Kids
New Jersey rockhound symbols, the Future Rockhounds of America badge program, and a quiz

Exquisite Turquoise Mosaics
Remarkable Collections in London and Mexico City
by Helen Serras-Herman

The Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite
A New Perspective on Wyoming’s Ancient Past
by Kenneth H. Rohn


Picks & Pans
Museum exhibits, book reviews, hobby news

Lapidary of the Month
Sky iron and lapis dagger
by Jerry Brown

Show Dates
Mark your calendar!

Shop Talk
Findings from Other Crafts
by William A. Kappele

Rock Science
Shining a (Laser) Light on Mineral Origin
by Steve Voynick

Many Facets
DJG Ultra Cushion
by David Groncki

On the Rocks
Shows Past and Future
by Bob Jones

Field Notes
Reader letters

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