March 2010


The Minerals of China
Specimens and information have surfaced in quantity
by Bob Jones

Tea's First Rockhounding Adventure
Utah rocks and fossils make a memorable time
by William A. Kappele

Artist Profile: Pippa Small
Her jewelry and activism make an attractive combination
by Jennifer Morkunas

Collecting "Old Classic" Minerals
Part II: Collector favorites from around the world
by Bob Jones

Rock & Gem Kids
Articles, puzzles and prizes

GIA Special Article: How Green Are We?
A look at where the industry's been and where it's headed on the road to accountability

Field Trip:
Lucas Creek Carnelian
Collecting orange chalcedony in Washington
by Stuart "Tate" Wilson

Field Trip:
Zuni Mountains Fluorite
Former mines offer excellent opportunities for collecting
by Robert Beard


All She Wrote
Spring Into Action
by Lynn Varon

Craftsman of the Month
Recycled slab stepping stones
by Glenn Wasson

Show Dates
Mark your calendar!

Shop Talk
Using All the Rock
by William A. Kappele

Rock Science
James Smithson's Legacy
by Steve Voynick

Picks & Pans
Museum exhibits, book reviews, hobby news

Off the Dop
by Jim Perkins

Many Facets
Radeye 2
by Gary Statton

On the Rocks
June Culp Zeitner
by Bob Jones

Field Notes
Reader letters

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