March 2009


“Green” Rockhounding
Ours is the original Earth-friendly hobby
by Bill Reynolds

Arizona’s Vanadinites
They rank among the world’s best specimens
by Bob Jones

Fair Trade: A Gem of an Idea
Jennifer Horning promotes ethics in lapidary
by Jennifer Morkunas

Three Centuries of Diamonds
Preserving a tradition in Brazil
by Bob Farrar

Rock & Gem Kids
Limestone, weathering, and faces in rocks

Minerals and the Native Elements
Part I: There’s a direct connection
by Bob Jones

Field Trip:
Chunky Gal Corundum Hunt
A fire lays bare new collecting areas in North Carolina
by Mike Streeter

Make a Sustainable Dolphin Cameo
This pendant features renewable and recycled materials
by Bill and Billie Ann Reynolds


All She Wrote
How “Green” Is Your Hobby?
by Lynn Varon

Craftsman of the Month
Carved jade mask
by Eric Scherrer

Show Dates
Mark your calendar!

Shop Talk
Reader Questions Answered
by William A. Kappele

Picks & Pans
Museum exhibits, book reviews, hobby news

Rock Science
Quartz: Macro, Micro and Crypto
by Steve Voynick

Off the Dop
Faceting YAG
by Jim Perkins

Many Facets
Montana Two Step Twist
by Jim Perkins

On the Rocks
Strength in Numbers
by Bob Jones

Field Notes
Reader letters


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