November 2008

November 2008 Vol.38 Num.11
Table of Contents (pdf)


Tumbled Rocks
Do you have the right stuff for success?
by Todd Pappas

Mexico's Greatest Wulfenite Mines
Los Lamentos and Sierra Prieta were tops
by Bob Jones

Geologic Maps: The Prospector's Friend
Use one to plan your next field trip
by Steve Voynick

Rock & Gem Kids
Kid-sized articles and a quiz

Light-Sensitive Minerals
Why some specimens lose their color
by Bob Jones

Field Trip
Hunting Geodes at Jacobs' Mine
Collecting in the Keokuk, Iowa, region
by Everett Harrington

Field Trip
Hay Creek Prehnite and Zeolites
Specimens south of Birdsboro, Pennsylvania
by Robert Beard

Solder Sterling Flower Earrings
An accident improved this jewelry design
by Carrell M. Chadwell

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