March 2008

March 2008 Vol.38 Num.3
Table of Contents (pdf)


Brazil's Bountiful Gems and Minerals
Part I: Amethyst and agate head the list
by Bob Jones

Rockhounding in Ashwood, Oregon
Three ranches where you can wrangle jasper
by Jim Landon

Artist Profile: Ahna V. White
Insights from a self-taught lapidary
by Jennifer Morkunas

Rock & Gem Kids
Pyrite, a crossword, and a quiz

The Micro World of Minerals
Hidden beauty in ordinary specimens
by David Bright

The Many Faces of Agate
Nature's designs have endless variety
by Bob Jones

Field Trip
Maryland's Mineral Hill Mine
This former copper mine has many collectible species
by Robert Beard

Field Trip
Silver Island Mountain
Collecting at Wendover, Utah
by Kenneth H. Rohn

Make a Pear-Shaped-Link Necklace
Sharpen your soldering skills
by Diane Prokop

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