June 2008

June 2008   Vol.38 Num.6
Table of Contents (pdf)


Bisbee, Arizona
Part I: It produced collectible minerals for over a century
by Bob Jones

The Dinosaur Trail Adventure
Part I: Montana's map for paleo tourists
by Kenneth H. Rohn

Rock & Gem Kids
Copper, a necklace project, and a quiz
Colorful Luray Caverns
A natural landmark with an unusual talent
by Bob Jones

Earth Angels
This Colorado couple creates mineral art
by Jennifer Yudnich

Oregon Beach Agates
Winter storms expose collectible rocks
by Ellnora Young

Field Trip
Staten Island Minerals
Take the ferry to an urban field trip
by Robert Beard

Easy-to-Make Pin
Showcase a special cabochon
by Diane Prokop

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