January 2008

January 2008 Vol.38 Num.1
Table of Contents (pdf)


California's Gold Country
The strike felt 'round the world
by Bob Jones

The QIA Pow Wow
A big-time event in a part-time town
by Cate Mueller

Rock & Gem Kids
Informative fun for young readers

Mexico's New Scenic Jasper
Another treasure of the Sierra Madres
by Bob Jones

Walking with Volcanoes
A geology field trip in Italy
by Trina Riegel

The "Bone Wars"
How the Great Fossil Feud changed paleontology
by Bob Jones

Field Trip:
North Carolinia Gold
Pan for nuggets near Marion
by Kenneth H. Rohn

Field Trip:
Honeymoon Island Agatized Coral
Easy and productive beach collecting
by Robert Beard

Make a Gold Link and Leather Bracelet
Hand-fabricated chains stand out
by Diane Prokop


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