September 2007

September 2007 Vol.37 Num.9
Table of Contents (pdf)


Naica's Selenite Megacrystals
New findings about the Cave of Crystals
by Bob Jones

Septarian Nodules
Mysterious mudballs with a surprise
by Bill Evans

Memphis Jade
The Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art
by Lori Carter

Adventures of a Rockhound
Stories from a lifetime of collecting
by Kenneth H. Rohn

Rock & Gem Kids
Sodalite, ultraviolet light, and a quiz
by Steve Decker

Reopening the Climax Mine
A rosy future for a historic mine
by Steve Voynick

Diving for Fossils
Fossil hunting's final frontier?
by Richard Jacquot

Understanding Paragenesis
The where, why and how of mineral formation
by Bob Jones

Field Trip:
Southwest Iowa Pyrite
Collectible crystals in nonnative rocks
by Robert Beard

Learn Bead-Making Basics
A little work--a lot of style!
by Diane Prokop

Build a Rock Birdhouse
A petrified woodworking project
by Dean Norman

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