October 2007

October 2007   Vol.37 Num.10
Table of Contents (pdf)


The Myth of Opal's Curse
A beautiful gem gets a bad rap
by Bob Jones

Opal Mining in Australia
Everything you need to get started
by Jordan Clary

Cornwall, England
An important ancient mineral locality
by Bob Jones

Rock & Gem Kids
Willemite, a book review, and a quiz
by Steve Decker

Keokuk Geode Jackpot!
Collectors visit the right place at the right time
by Mike Streeter

Hidden Images in Common Rocks
Recrystallization brings out natural beauty
by Dr. E. Leighman Gafford and Carol Jean Brown

Colorful "Common" Opal
An endless variety of color, clarity and quality
by James A. Miller

Field Trip:
Idaho Precious Opal
Collecting opportunities at the Spencer Mine
by Kenneth H. Rohn

Make an Opal Pendant
Add fire to sterling silver jewelry
by Diane Prokop

Easy Celtic Pattern Casting

A shortcut to intricate jewelry designs
by David Abbott
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