June 2007

June 2007   Vol.37 Num.6
Table of Contents (pdf)


The History of Mineral Collecting
When did it become a hobby?
by Bob Jones

The Frugal Collector: The Zeolites
Part I: Stilbite, stellerite and analcime
by Bob Jones

Roadside Panning Sites in South Carolina
Part IV: Greenwood, Kershaw, Lancaster and McCormick counties
by David and Clois Walker

New England Pegmatite Minerals
Six mines in Southwestern New Hampshire
by R.W. Ballou

Rock & Gem Kids
Datolite, emergency preparedness, and a quiz
by Steve Decker

Collecting Rocks, Collecting Life
Minerals hold memories for this rockhound
by Kerrie R. Barney

New Facts about Old Fossils
A traveling exhibition sheds new light on ancient creatures
by Murray Eiland

Quartz Crystal Dig
Mount Ida's 20th Annual World's Championship event
by Kenneth H. Rohn

Field Trip:
Yellow Cat Area Gems
Pseudomorphs and agate in Southeast Utah
by Gerhardt and Sandra Aldersea

Field Trip:
Elusive Elbaite
Hunting for tourmaline on Elba Island, Italy
by Robert Beard

Field Trip:
Treasure State Adventures
Part IV: Collecting at fabulous Crystal Park
by Kenneth H. Rohn

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