December 2007

December 2007   Vol.37 Num.12
Table of Contents (pdf)


The Lapidaries of Chaco Canyon

An advanced civilization built on turquoise

by Steve Voynick

The Bola Tie

It's Arizona's official neckwear

by Bob Jones

Colorado's Pikes Peak Region

Its amazonite and smoky quartz are legendary

by Bob Jones

Rock & Gem Kids

by Steve Decker

The 2008 Lapidary Article of the Year Contest

Find out how you can participate!

High-Tech Rockhounding

Using the Internet to find rocks in Southern California

by Craig Andrews

Field Trips

Pennsylvania Turquoise

A blue-green surprise at Waggoner's Gap

by Robert Beard

Orange Butte Fire Agates

Collecting gems in the Arizona desert

by Kenneth H. Rohn


Make a Holiday Star Pin

Turquoise complements this copper ornament

by Diane Prokop


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