August 2007

August 2007 Vol.37 Num.8
Table of Contents (pdf)


It's an important nonmetal element
by Bob Jones

Adventures in Specimen Buying
Collecting minerals in Thailand's gem markets
by David Bright

Roadside Panning Sites in South Carolina
Part VI: Spartanburg, Union and York counties
by David and Clois Walker

Supersaurus viviane
A tribute to rockhound pioneer Vivian Jones
by Barbara L. Miller

Rock & Gem Kids
Hexagonal crystals, part 2, dioptase, and a quiz
by Steve Decker

Natural Lapidary
Sculpting soft stone using Stone-Age techniques
by Storm

The Franklin and Sterling Hill Zinc Mines
They're famous for fluorescents
by Bob Jones

Getting Out, Getting Dirty
The MAGMA club story
by Richard Jacquot

Berber Country Agates
Morocco has an incredible variety
by Bob Farrar


Great Salt Plains Selenite
Collecting in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma
by Kenneth H. Rohn

Phoenixville Dolomite Crystals
A unique collecting site near Philadelphia
by Robert Beard

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