April 2007

April 2007   Vol.37 Num.4
Table of Contents (pdf)


China's Mineral Explosion
Fine specimens flood the market
by Bob Jones

The Painted Stone
An artist expresses her love for rocks
by Erin D.B. Farnsworth

Minerals of Earth's Crust
Part IV: Weathering produces colorful minerals
by Bob Jones

Roadside Panning Sites in South Carolina
Part II: Cherokee, Chesterfield and Darlington counties
by David and Clois Walker

Rock & Gem Kids
Staurolite and crystal drawing
by Steve Decker

A "New" Generation of Rockhounds
Baby boomers could bolster the hobby
by Lyle Koerper

2007 Rock & Gem Club Listing
Join the fun--join a club!

Treasure State Adventures
Part II: Taking the Lewis & Clark Trail to Yellowstone
by Kenneth H. Rohn

Grading Synthetic Diamonds
The GIA keeps pace with advances in man-made gems
by Steve Voynick

Field Trip:
Albuquerque Carnotite
Canary yellow collectibles at Cerro Colorado
by Robert Beard

Field Trip:
Teepee Canyon Agate
Banded nodules in South Dakota's Black Hills
by Jim Landon

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