May 2006

May 2006   Vol.36 Num.5
Table of Contents (pdf)


The Frugal Collector: More Sulfates

Part I: Linarite, ettringite, creedite, cyanothrichite, and brochantite

by Bob Jones

The Sterling Hill Mine and Museum

Saving an important old mine

by Bob Jones

Roadside Panning Sites in Texas

Part IV: Madison, McMullen, Mason, Maverick, Montgomery, Moore, Newton, and Polk counties

by David and Clois Walker

Rock & Gem Kids

How to pack minerals, Kauai calcite

by Steve Decker

Rock & Gem in Rock Shops

Where to find your favorite rockhounding magazine

The Rock That Burns

Colorado oil shale is a collectible energy source

by Steve Voynick

Phenomenal Phantom Quartz

A new find is made at Diamond Hill, South Carolina

by Richard J. Jacquot

A Northern Treasure Map

The Ontario town with a silver lining

by Michael Gordon

Field Trips

The Sheffler Geode Mine

New diggings produce calcite geodes

by Robert Beard

Florissant Fossil Hunt

Colorado shales reveal a snapshot of Eocene flora

by Lori Lamb


Make an Analogous Agate Pendant

Copper metal complements a reddish stone

by Diane Prokop


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