February 2006

February 2006 Vol.36 Num.2
Table of Contents (pdf)


Crystal Growth

Mineral shapes make collecting a challenge

by Bob Jones

Roadside Panning Sites in Texas

Part I: Armstrong, Bastrop, Brewster, Burleson, Burnet, and Comal counties

by David and Clois Walker

The Frugal Collector: The Molybdates and Tungstates

A small, but attractive, collectible group

by Bob Jones

Rock & Gem Kids

Hematite, picking hollow geodes, and a puzzle

by Steve Decker

Paleontologists for a Day

You, too, can dig for dinosaurs!

by Lori Lamb

The Beryl Family

A rainbow of related gemstones

by Kenneth H. Rohn

Collecting in Western Oregon

A variety of gems in a variety of outdoor settings

by Curtis L. Handy

The Uravan Mineral Belt

Renewed mining means more collector specimens

by Steve Voynick

Montana's Bountiful Treasures

Part I: Hunting gemstones in Gold West Country

by Kenneth H. Rohn

Field Trips

Reading Banks Bombshells

A family-friendly field trip in Pennsylvania

by Robert Beard


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