April 2006

April 2006   Vol.36 Num.4
Table of Contents (pdf)


Mineral Pseudomorphs

Shape-shifting specimens are fun to collect

by Bob Jones

Field Trips to Old Collections

The hard work has been done for you!

by Curtis L. Handy

Arkansas Turquoise

How I became a gem miner

by Jack Wigley

Roadside Panning Sites in Texas

Part III: Karnes, La Salle, Lavaca, Lee, Live Oak and Llano counties

by David and Clois Walker

Rock & Gem Kids

Magnetite and a collecting bag project

by Steve Decker

2006 Rock & Gem Club Listing

Join a club this year!

The Frugal Collector: Arsenates and Vanadates

Part II: Descloisite, mottramite and vanadinite

by Bob Jones

Last Chance Mine

Rockhounds get another chance to collect Amethyst Vein ore

by Steve Voynick

Field Trips

Alton, Illinois, Travertine

An easy-access dripstone collecting site

by Robert Beard

Montana Gold Panning

Try your luck at this recreational site

by Kenneth H. Rohn


Make a PMC Pendant

Turn a vintage button into jewelry

by Diane Prokop


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