October 2005

October 2005   Vol.35 Num.10
Table of Contents (pdf)


Ethiopian Opal

Gems from an unexpected source

by Patrick Tucci

The Frugal Collector: The Colorful Beryl Minerals

The difference is in the chromophore

by Bob Jones

Roadside Panning Sites in California

Part VII: 20 spots in San Bernardino County

by David and Clois Walker

Rock & Gem Kids

Organize and display your collection

by Steve Decker

The 2005 Wyoming Opal Rush

Claims are staked on a new discovery

by Steve Newstrom

Mexico's Camino Real Mines

Part I: Collector mineral sources line this road

by Bob Jones

Faster, Better, Cheaper Grinding

The SuperGrinder delivers on all counts

by Neal Immega

Making and Selling Jewelry

Part II: Tips for selling in galleries

by Rick Olmstead

Field Trips

Virgin Valley Opal

Digging at the Royal Peacock Opal Mine

by Robert Clark

Orogrande Garnet

Crystal-rich skarns also produce metallic minerals

by Robert Beard


Opal Carving and Contouring

Can't cab it? Carve it!

by Steve Newstrom

Make a Dinosaur Bone Triceratops

Use your large slabs in rock pictures

by Nova Wells


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