June 2005

June 2005   Vol.35 Num.6
Table of Contents (pdf)


Collecting Massive Minerals

Appreciating the beauty of faceless crystals

by Bob Jones

Trading Rocks

The Internet fosters a rewarding relationship

by Esther C. Lively

Roadside Panning Sites in California

Part III: Collecting spots in five counties

by David and Clois Walker

Rock & Gem Kids

Tips for building a collection and a bracelet project

by Steve Decker

America's Fossil Parks

Eight national parks take you back in time

by Judy Lundquist

Field Trip Essentials

Packing for a successful collecting trip

by Matt Fuller

The Frugal Collector: The Feldspar Group

Part II: The plagioclase feldspars

by Bob Jones

The Mines of Bingham, New Mexico

Specimens from the Mex-Tex and Royal Flush

by Lori Lamb

Field Trips

A New Start for the Ray Mica Mine

Floodwaters uncover new material for collectors

by Richard J. Jacquot

High Country Fossils

Fossil fishing in the Green River Formation

by Kenneth H. Rohn

Bellows Falls Sillimanite

A family friendly site on the Connecticut River

by Robert Beard

The Miller Mountain Mine

Collect Arkansas' famous quartz rock crystals

by Kenneth H. Rohn


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