July 2005

July 2005   Vol.35 Num.7
Table of Contents (pdf)


The Language of Gold

There's a word for every characteristic

by Bob Jones

The Gold Rush Gallery

Specimens and artifacts from 17 states

by Steve Voynick

Lucky Strikes

Many major mineral finds were purely accidental

by Bill Evans

Roadside Panning Sites in California

Part IV: Mendocino, Merced, Modoc, Mono, and Monterey counties

by David and Clois Walker

The Frugal Collector: The Feldspar Group

Part II: The plagioclase feldspars

by Bob Jones

Rock & Gem Kids

Tips for building a collection and a bracelet project

by Steve Decker

Organize through Recycling

Cardboard flats have many uses

by Larry G. Field

Dinosaurs across China

These fossil beds have hardly been tapped

by Timothy Huang

Field Trips

Balmorhea Blue

Blue agate in West Texas

by Robert Beard

The Little Pine Garnet Mine

Western North Carolina produces large, well-formed crystals

Richard J. Jacquot


Make a Gold and Turquoise Pendant

A sky-blue gem in a hammered gold frame

by Diane Prokop

Lost Wax Casting

Let a pro walk you through the steps

by Pat Kerr


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