September 2004

September 2004   Vol.34 Num.9
Table of Contents (pdf)


The Frugal Collector: The Oxides

Part I: Cuprite, Chalcotrichite, Rutile, and Cassiterite

by Bob Jones

The Wonderful World of Road Cuts

How many collecting sites have you driven past?

by William A. Kappele

Fluorescent Scheelite and Powellite

Ultraviolet light brings out their hidden beauty

by Stuart Schneider

Panning Sites along U.S. Highway 385

Lawrence, Pennington, Custer, and Fall River counties, South Dakota

by David and Clois Walker

Diamonds of the Northwest Territories

Canada's Diavik mine will produce 6 million carats per year!

by Steve Voynick

Rockhound State Park

Finally, a state park that welcomes collectors

by Kenneth H. Rohn

Rock & Gem Kids

A look at apatite and magnetite

by Steve Decker

A Teary Salute

9/11 victims receive a tribute in quartz

by Bob Jones

Field Trips

Monroe County Meanderings

Collecting Southern Indiana geodes

by Mike Streeter

Copper Minerals of Saginaw Hill

The only collecting tool you need is a bucket

by Roger Matthees

Lake Valhalla Serpentine

This is serpentine of an unusual color

by Robert Beard


Make a Sterling Silver Bookmark

This simple project is a special keepsake

by Diane Prokop


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