May 2004

May 2004   Vol.34 Num.5

The Frugal Collector: Native Copper

This mineral did much to advance humankind

by Bob Jones

Panning Sites along U.S. Highway 64

Nineteen locations in North Carolina

by David and Clois Walker

Rock & Gem Kids

Garnets and a lapidary project

by Steve Decker

Minerals of Nevada

A new book explores the minerals of the Silver State

by Steve Voynick

How to Make Mineral Spheres

Put your homemade sphere machine to work

by Jim Perkins

Minerals and the Periodic Table

The discovery was element-ary

by Bob Jones

Countdown to Kansas

A club prepares for a federation show

by Lyle Koerper


A rainbow of varieties, from almandine to uvarovite

by Kenneth H. Rohn

Field Trips

Ruby Reservoir's Red Gems

Garnets are the main catch, but corundum is present, too

by Lance Strong

Jack's Valley Petrified Wood

Great specimens are just underfoot

by Kelly Harris


Make a Free-Form Cast Silver Pendant

The hard part is done for you

by Diane Prokop


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