August 2004

August 2004   Vol.34 Num.8
Table of Contents (pdf)


The Frugal Collector: Kalahari Desert Minerals

Collect choice minerals from Africa's manganese deposits

by Bob Jones

Keeping the Tiger Alive

Mineral keepsakes from a famous Arizona mine

by Bob Jones

Carved in Stone

Catch the vision of sculptor Myles Schachter

by Steve Voynick

Panning Sites along U.S. Highway 191

Sweetwater (WY), Uinta, Grand, San Juan (UT), and Apache (AZ) counties

by David and Clois Walker

Rock & Gem Kids

A look at azurite and malachite

by Steve Decker

New Products

Hot items for the rockhound and lapidary

The Museums and Mines of Idar-Oberstein

A town with a rich history in gemstones and carving

by Murray Eiland

Book Excerpt: Lapidary Carving for Creative Jewelry

Chapter 5: Drilling, Reaming and Carving

by Henry Hunt

Field Trips

Black Hills Fire Agate

Arizona agates hold a hint of fire

by Kenneth H. Rohn


Putting Chisel to Stone

Stone carving, step by step

by Myles Schachter

Turquoise Treasure Necklace

A wearable display of treasured beads

by Judy Atwell

Create a Variscite Cabochon Pendant

The eyes in this stone make it visually exciting

by Diane Prokop


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