April 2004

April 2004 Vol.34 Num.4
Table of Contents (pdf)


The Frugal Collector: Fluorite

A lethal gas forms a lovely mineral

by Bob Jones

Build a Sphere Machine

Turn lovely gemstone spheres in your spare time

by Jim Perkins

Panning Sites along U.S. Highway 50

Mesa, Delta, Montrose, Gunnison, and Fremont counties, Colorado

by David and Clois Walker

Rock & Gem Kids

Optical properties help identify minerals

by Steve Decker

The Eastern Art of Enameling

Traditional techniques get a modern twist

by Brinda Gill

2004 Rock & Gem Club Listing

Find one in your area


These "blue diamonds" are unique to California

by Bob Jones

Diamond Sawing Basics

A refresher course for lapidaries of all skill levels

by Brian Farberov

Agates of the Red Drift

Minnesota boasts many collecting sites

by Kenneth H. Rohn

Field Trips

Ruby Reservoir's Red Gems

Garnets are the main catch, but corundum is present, too

by Lance Strong

Missouri's Metallic Minerals

Family-style collecting in the Silvermines District

by Steve Voynick


Make Scrollwork Jewelry

Silver wire and solder make delicate patterns

by Nova Wells


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