October 2003

October 2003   Vol.33 Num.10
Table of Contents (pdf)


From Hobbyist to Dealer

A rockhound gets the view from the other side of the table

by Leonard Wolff

The Frugal Collector: Zeolites

Get your hands on these awesome aluminosilicates

by Bob Jones

Dig Your Own Opal

Five places you'll find gems in North America

by Paul B. Downing, PhD

Gemology: Learning the Craft

Finishing a 9-part series

by Douglas S. LeGrand, G.G.

Panning Sites along U.S. Highway 287

Lewis & Clark, Broadwater, Madison (MT), and Fremont (WY) counties

by David and Clois Walker

Kartchner Caverns: A Special Tour

Visit the Big Room, opening soon

by Bob Jones

Hobby Mining in Andamooka

Rockhounds get hooked on opal hunting

by Robert Mannella

Opal in Intarsia

Adding sparkle to lapidary work

by Bob Jones

Beautiful British Columbian Opal

There's opal in them thar hills!

by Paul B. Downing, PhD

Field Trips

High-Country Limb Casts

Collecting in Oregon's Congleton Hollow

by Kenneth H. Rohn


Make a Peruvian Opal Necklace

This cool blue gem is jewelry's hottest item

by Diane Prokop


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